Work With Me

Let me help you…

I can honestly say that without my coaches, therapists, friends, healers and helpers; there is no way I would’ve gotten through some of the difficult, highly charged emotional moments I’ve been through since I discovered EFT, Tapping and Faster EFT Eutaptics.

Even though I do take time to work through stuff by myself, which it is crucial to learn the basics of doing that self help work, having someone to call upon has been invaluable. Someone I trust to hold space for me, help me commit to creating a new outcome, a new vision that leads me away from my pain. We are here to work as a team.

Find someone who can help you process your past with you and help you turn it into something good. Of course I am here for you, I do want to be your helper, but more than that, I want you to find the person that you feel you can work with, and maybe it’s a few people. The best way to find out if someone is the right coach for you is to jump in and have a session. Test by results. It’s the only way to really know.